Windows 1 Easter Egg Found 37 Years After Release

After nearly four decades of its launch, an easter egg has been found in Windows 1.0 by a Microsoft Windows fan Lucas Brooks.

It was nearly impossible to find the easter egg from Microsoft’s first-ever operating system at the time of the OS’s launch. Well, Lucas Brooks recently discovered a never-before-seen secret in Windows 1.0 RTM. Here RTM stands for release to manufacturing.

The newly found easter egg consists of a credits list, featuring the names of all the folks who helped create Window 1.0 along with a ‘Congratulations’ message buried in the data of a smiley face.

This easter egg can be found hidden inside a bitmap file. By hiding this encrypted data inside a bitmap file the developers ensured that anyone can’t find it at the time of the launch. According to Lucas, the tools required to extract this data were not even in existence when the OS was released.

It’s believed by many that there is some series of keystrokes in Windows 1.0 that will unlock the secret credits list as it’s completely hidden and encrypted.

Surprisingly the name of Gabe Newell, co-founder, and president of Valve is also present in the list. PC gamers might recognize Gabe Newell as his company owns the most popular online gaming marketplace Steam.

We all know that Microsoft loves hiding easter eggs. These Easter eggs can be found in both the hardware and software products produced by Microsoft. For instance, you can find easter eggs inside Xbox consoles and Windows OS.

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