New features coming to Microsoft Teams in March

Last week Microsoft announced that Teams is getting insights like career changes, birthdays and pending meeting invites coming to the Team profile cards. That is just the beginning for the tech giant as more features are planned for March, as listed in the roadmap for MS 365.

This announcement is a good move forward following last week’s Microsoft cloud outage that affected most services, including Teams. Several users could not access the communication platform and it halted operations in many places.

New Features in March

Ultrasound Howling Detection
The roadmap has added the much-needed howling detection feature for online meetings. When multiple people joined the meeting in the same room, it created a feedback loop that sounded like an echo.

It quickly snowballed into an en echo, just like a musician holding a mic too close to the loudspeaker. Teams will address this by detecting if multiple people are joining from the same location and then automatically mute the mics to avoid the echo.

Explicit Recording Consent for Teams meetings

Teams new features

Often we need to record a meeting to keep records and references amongst other reasons. Teams now support the consent policy. It will ask for consent from all participants to record the meeting. A user’s audio, video, or screenshot/screen-share won’t be captured until they give consent to the recording.

Record video messages directly from within a Teams chat using Video clips

Teams bring a new feature known as Video clip which lets users record video messages directly from within a Teams chat using different video clips. You can use the feature in Team chats for mobile and desktop.

Live Captions Usability Improvement

Microsoft brings a new and improved caption setting focused on the better discovery and easier navigation. As a user, you can change the colors, fonts, height, and position of the caption window. That is not all, you can go back in time for up to 1 minute to review captions of things said in the meeting.

Over to You

Bear in mind that the dates given for the roadmap are tentative and can be delayed. You can keep tabs on the upcoming features from their roadmap section.