Microsoft just teased the best Windows 11 audio app

Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned in their attempt at making their Windows 11 their best operating system yet. Their latest Insider build has brought on a feature that looks eerily similar to a third-party app EarTrumpet, raising questions of sherlocking.

For the uninformed, its an app that adds volume buttons for all the apps and system process which give out sound. You can control all the volumes at one place without needing to open the volume mixer. The app picked up popularity as work from home and online classes took over.

Reducing one step adds to the convenience and ease as evident from EarTrumpet’s popularity. It adds a new volume button beside the default version in the taskbar. You can hide essentially replace the default audio bar as the app can show all the volume options.

Windows 11 Audio mixer compared
EarTrumpet (left) and Windows 11 experimental audio mixer

Sherlocking is a term used to describe the practice of a company or organization, typically a large one, copying or mimicking the features or functionality of a smaller, innovative company or product.

The term was first used when Apple was accused of copying IBM’s Watson for building its Sherlock 3. It has become commonplace in the industry ever since then.

How to Access the new feature?

As the feature has made its way in an insider build, you will need to find its hidden experimental flags SoundOptions/42106010. Microsoft hasn’t officially acknowledged the feature for Windows 11 and there is a good chance it may never see the light of day.

The Reaction of EarTrumpet Developer

Rafael Rivera, who developed EarTrumpet along with former Microsoft engineer Dave Amenta joked about “Microsoft catching up” to their app.

Rivera further claimed that Windows 11’s newly introduced feature is slower than EarTrumpet and has a room for improvement.

This new audio feature may live till another build but its your chance to try it. If you are on a Windows 11 insider build then its worth trying. EarTrumpet has been the perfect audio companion with zero glitches. I am expecting