Microsoft says Intel driver bug crashes apps on Windows PCs

Microsoft has recently announced that there is a bug in the Intel drivers that is causing certain applications to crash on Windows PCs. This issue has caused widespread concern among users, and Microsoft has stated that it is taking the matter very seriously.

The bug in question is affecting a variety of applications, including some that are considered essential for everyday use. This has caused frustration and inconvenience for many users, and Microsoft is working closely with Intel to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Microsoft has advised users to avoid using any applications that are known to be affected by the bug and to wait for a patch to be released before attempting to use them again. This will help to prevent further crashes and ensure that the problem is fully resolved once and for all.

The company is actively working to resolve the issue and is confident that a solution will be found soon.

In the meantime, users are encouraged to be patient and to check for updates regularly, as Microsoft will be providing updates on the situation as they become available.

The Impact Windows Releases

  • Windows Server 2022 and client
  • Windows 11 22H2
  • Windows 10 22H2
  • Windows 11 21H2
  • Windows 10 21H2
  • Windows 10 20H2
  • Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019) releases.

The Temporary Fix

Microsoft has found a temporary fix for the bug in the Intel drivers that was causing certain applications to crash on Windows PCs. The temporary fix involves updating to the latest version of the affected Intel drivers, which will address some of the underlying issues that were causing the crashes.

Microsoft has emphasized that this is only a temporary solution and that a full patch is still in the works.

The bug in the Intel drivers is causing significant issues for many Windows PC users, and Microsoft is working hard to resolve the problem. Users are advised to avoid affected applications until a patch is released and to check for updates regularly to stay informed on the progress of the situation.