Microsoft Outlook Email Filters Broken, Users Flooded with Spam

Several Microsoft customers reported on Tuesday that their Outlook inboxes have been flooded with spam emails in the last nine hours.

It appeared that the email spam filters were malfunctioning, leading to this issue. Multiple Outlook users have confirmed this ongoing problem on social media platforms and the Microsoft Community’s website. T

hey have reported that all emails, even the ones that were earlier identified as spam and directed to the junk folder, are now showing up in their inboxes.

As one user reported, “I’ve been receiving 36 spam emails in my inbox for the past two straight hours. It has been going on for too long and the frequency just keeps increasing by the hour.”

Microsoft Confirmed the Problem

Microsoft acknowledged the problem through the status page and then it was fixed shortly after. “We’ve identified the source of the problem and taken action to fix it. Our service telemetry shows that the problem has been addressed, and we’ll continue to monitor this telemetry to ensure the issue remains mitigated,” Microsoft said on the status page.

Not Their First Roadblock

Outlook was also hit by “networking configuration issue” last month, which resulted in millions across the globe not been availble to access their emails. They also suffered an outage in June of last year, which made it inaccsibble to few users.

Outlook is one the most used email provider, with over 500 millon active users. It is behind the industry Google’s Gmail with 1.5 billion users. Outlook was initially launched as Hotmail – as a refrence to HTML, which is a language used for the web at the time in 1996.

Bill Gates acquired it a year later and integrated with the MSN suite. Then in 2012 it was rebranded as Outlook, which was a market leader under Gmail hit the internet.