Microsoft Edge’s New Drop Feature Offers A New Way To Share Files

Tech giant Microsoft is reportedly working on a new feature that allows you to store and share files and notes across devices and platforms without having to leave the Edge browser.

The new feature called “Drop” has a dedicated sidebar panel like collections, history, and math solvers, which allows you to drag and drop files across various devices, or create comments by typing in the message box.

It allows you to write notes and add links and files.

Once synced, items in Drop will become available across all connected devices such as the desktop, notebooks, smartphones, and tablets, allowing you to exchange files and notes between devices, provided your Edge browser must be logged into the same Microsoft account.

Further, Microsoft Edge Drop allows you to save files or notes in OneDrive, which means that you can view them directly in the cloud storage platform too.

Microsoft Edge Drop is similar to the “Saved messages” feature in Telegram, which acts as the user’s own unlimited Cloud Storage wherein you can upload files, and forward messages to save them for future use. However, in the case of Edge Drop, it uses the free space available in your OneDrive.

Currently, this feature is rolling out in Microsoft Edge Canary 104 only for select users. The new “Drop” feature can be found in Settings –> Appearance. You need to turn on the “Drop” toggle to activate the feature. You can install and open Microsoft Edge Canary after entering the settings and see if the Drop feature is available to you.

Besides the Drop feature, Microsoft is also testing a new built-in virtual private network (VPN) service called “Secure Network” for a limited number of Edge Insiders in the Canary channel.

This feature allows Edge users to securely connect to public Wi-Fi networks by hiding their IP address, encrypting data, and routing traffic through a secure network powered by Cloudflare.