Thoptv for PC- Download And Install On Windows And Mac

Ever since the smart TVs took center stage in the living room, ThopTV has been on the forefront for providing seamless entertainment over the Internet. Netflix and Hulu are beyond the reach of many users who cannot afford the premium OTT services. 

ThopTV is an IPTV that streams thousands of channels directly on the app over the Internet. It has channels from around the world, including the likes of region radio channels, which run to over 5000 FMs. Everything is for free on the app, with no hidden charges whatsoever.

ThopTV for PC

While ThopTV is officially not available for PC, we will show you the way to use ThopTV app for PC.

There are two ways to download ThopTV for PC. One involves downloading an installation file or a portable version while the latter involves using an Android emulator.

A. ThopTV on PC – Direct Way

There are portable and installation versions available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. The direct version has a lesser number of channels, which is compensated by the gigantic library of TV shows, movies, and more. 

1. Head to the developer’s cloud library and download the version that is suitable for your operating system. We tried all the Windows versions and found virtually no difference in either of the versions. 

2. After the download has been finished, extract the contents of the zip file into a folder. 

3. Click on the THOPTV executable file given in the extracted folder. 

ThopTV for PC

The sports channel worked pretty well without any kind of stream buffer or lag. 

B. ThopTV on PC – With Android Emulator

You will need an Android emulator for PC to run ThopTV on Windows and Mac computers. For running ThopTV on Mac, you will need the Mac version of BlueStack.

For the sake of demonstration, we choose BlueStacks as an Android emulator to run ThopTV on the computer. 

Note – The app requires Android 4.4 or higher.

1. Download ThopTV v 34.1 for Android from here.

2. If you have any of the major Android emulator installed, it will associate the .apk files by itself. All you need is to double click on the apk file, and it will install the application inside the emulator.

Alternatively, you can either manually open the emulator’s apk or drag and drop inside the emulator. 

ThopTV for PC via Android Emulator

3. Open the application, just like any other Android app. The home screen will appear, and you can browse for your favorite movie, TV series, or channels. 

ThopTV for Android Emulator

Your Android emulator will create a shortcut on your desktop(else you can create it manually as well). Click on the shortcut, and the app will be launched inside the emulator.

Some channels do have unskippable ads put by the developer. They are of 15 seconds in length.

ThopTV with Android Emulator or Direct Installation?

ThopTV with direct installation is definitely less time consuming to setup. On top of that, there is a portable version, which makes it seamless for the users. In the video streaming and buffering department, the direct installation version definitely has the upper hand.

On the other hand, ThopTV, with an Android emulator, has unskippable ads for a few of the premium TV channels. Talking about the user-interface, this one wins hands down.

How to Fix ThopTV stream buffer and lag?

ThopTV is a free service, and therefore we cannot contact the customer support, which would help resolve the issues regarding the stream. There are few things to check on your end, which can hamper your streaming experience.

1. Ensure you have at least 4 Mbps of Internet speed. You can check it through Speedtest or

2. After you have ensured that the Internet speed is not the issue, we move to the next remedy. If your Internet speed is sufficient, the stream is lagging, similar to other video stream sites such as YouTube, MetaCafe, etc.

You should try changing the DNS of your computer. It can make a ton of difference when the ISP’s default DNS is not doing its job. 

3. Keep your display drivers up to date. Sometimes outdated graphics drivers can cause disruption in watching videos. 

Over to You

Installing ThopTV on PC is as easy as it gets. Download the ThopTV app for PC and install it right away or use the portable version itself.

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