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PlayStation 2 is the second-generation of video-game console launched by Sony in 2000-2003, across the world. It is considered as the most successful console for TVs inĀ  2000s.

Best PS2 Games

10 Best PS2 Games Of All Time (Best Graphics) Must Play- 2022

A lot has been talked about PlayStation 2 already, Sony's most sold video game console to date. Any console's success is directly linked to the...
AetherSX2 Released for Android

Download AetherSX2: The PS2 Emulator’s Beta is Here

Last week we talked about how Christmas might come early for PS2 emulator fans with the release of AetherSX2. The beta version of the...

AetherSX2 Might Be The Best Android PS2 Emulator Of All Time

AetherSX2 is a new PlayStation 2 emulator for Android smartphones and tablets that is presently in the closed alpha testing stage. The free and open-source...
PS2 emulator Mac

Best PS2 Emulator for Mac Computers

A sixth-generation console, PlayStation 2, was pitched directly against the likes of Xbox, GameCube, and Dreamcast. The PlayStation series changed the fortunes of the Sony...