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Nintendo is a Japanese company famous for producing consoles and handheld consoles for playing video games.

Pokemon X and Y emulator

Best Pokemon X and Y Emulator for PC and Android in 2022

Nintendo DS was a juggernaut success that laid the groundwork for its upgraded version in the form of 3DS. A leap forward towards 3D...
Metroid Dread running 4k

Metroid Dread runs at 4K/60 FPS on PC through Yuzu and Ryujinx

The battle between Samus and the Metroid comes back in boosted-up graphics and FPS through the Nintendo Switch emulator for PCs. Yuzu, an experimental Nintendo Switch...
super mario 64 emulator

Best Super Mario 64 Emulator For PC & Mobiles [ N64 emulators ]

Super Mario 64 was the first Mario that featured 3D gameplay. That was a giant leap forward for the game and its fans. With over...

Super Mario 3D All-Stars Leaked Online, Seen Running On Emulator

Super Mario 3D all-stars games will be unveiled later this week and it consists of three different games namely Super Mario 64, Super Mario...
Nintendo 3DS emulator PC

3 Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC that Works in 2021

One of the latest offerings by Nintendo in the handheld console segment has been the Nintendo 3DS. It was the first handheld console by...
DS Emulator PC

10 Best Nintendo DS Emulator for PC: Play Pokemon Games In 2022

Nintendo DS is a handheld console by Nintendo that took a year to gain momentum. After that, it became a hit amongst the fans,...
Best GBA Emulator for Android

7 Best GBA Emulator for Android devices

Codenamed Project Atlantis, the Game Boy Advance transcended into the landscape form factor from the portrait mode. GBA was initially released without an illuminated screen....
Pokemon Emulator for pc

8 Best Pokemon Emulators for PC To Play Pokemon Games in 2022

Ash Ketchum and his journey have continued to inspire millions of people across the world. Pokémon has defined a generation of children with its...
yuzu emulator

Nintendo Switch Emulator Yuzu Adds And Then Removes Online Services

Earlier this week a popular Nintendo Switch emulator namely Yuzu added limited online multiplayer support. Due to this online support, the emulator offered Switch...
Tomodachi Life Emulator for PC

Tomodachi Life Emulator For PC – Citra 3DS

Before the Tomodachi series, the Japanese videogames giant were accustomed to putting all their eggs in the basket of the Pokémon and Mario franchise. They...