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Nintendo is a Japanese company famous for producing consoles and handheld consoles for playing video games.

Best SNES Emulator for Windows 10

8 Best SNES Emulator For Windows 10 PC In 2022

The reigning leader of the 16-bit era, Super Nintendo Emulators(also known as SNES), practically ruled the 90s with its unparalleled 16-bit games and the...
Pokemon X and Y emulator

Best Pokemon X and Y Emulator for PC and Android in 2022

Nintendo DS was a juggernaut success that laid the groundwork for its upgraded version in the form of 3DS. A leap forward towards 3D...
Tomodachi Life Emulator for PC

Tomodachi Life Emulator For PC – Citra 3DS

Before the Tomodachi series, the Japanese videogames giant were accustomed to putting all their eggs in the basket of the Pokémon and Mario franchise. They...
Shin Megami Tensei V For PC

Play Shin Megami Tensei V On PC [100% Working]

If you always wanted to play Shin Megami Tensei V on PC then simply continue reading! Shin Megami Tensei V is a post-apocalyptic role-playing video...
Pokemon Emulator for pc

8 Best Pokemon Emulators for PC To Play Pokemon Games in 2022

Ash Ketchum and his journey have continued to inspire millions of people across the world. Pokémon has defined a generation of children with its...
Best NES Emulator for PC

11 Best NES Emulator For PC To Try In 2022

The 8-bit video-gaming generation was defined by the two stalwarts of the gaming industry. While Segway was making headway with their Master System III,...
Best N64 Emulator for PC

Best N64 emulator for PC to Play Games Like Super Mario 64 & GoldenEye

The original N64, launched way back in the 90s, was touted as the direct competitor to Sony PlayStation. The much-hyped next-gen console failed to...
DS Emulator PC

10 Best Nintendo DS Emulator for PC: Play Pokemon Games In 2022

Nintendo DS is a handheld console by Nintendo that took a year to gain momentum. After that, it became a hit amongst the fans,...
Metroid Dread running 4k

Metroid Dread runs at 4K/60 FPS on PC through Yuzu and Ryujinx

The battle between Samus and the Metroid comes back in boosted-up graphics and FPS through the Nintendo Switch emulator for PCs. Yuzu, an experimental Nintendo Switch...
Nintendo Switch Emulator for PC

Best Nintendo Switch Emulators For PC In 2022

Nintendo Switch was launched at a time when mobile gaming was beginning to take a formidable shape. Its predecessor, the Wii U, had an underwhelming...