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Emulators are software that help emulate the hardware and software of a device. Its the consoles and smartphones, amongst other devices here.

best psp emulators for pc

5 Best PSP Emulators For PC To Use In 2022

Millennials have absolutely adored the PlayStation Portable(PSP). Pitted directly against the industry leader Nintendo DS, it managed to make a formidable dent in the...
Tomodachi Life Emulator for PC

Tomodachi Life Emulator For PC – Citra 3DS

Before the Tomodachi series, the Japanese videogames giant were accustomed to putting all their eggs in the basket of the Pokémon and Mario franchise. They...
Brawl Stars on PC

Play Brawl Stars on PC: Download On Windows and Mac

PUBG and Clash of Clans helped bring mobile gaming into the mainstream in the gaming industry. The former opened avenues for online gaming and...
PS3 emulator on PS5

PS3 Emulation might be in works for the PS5

Everybody has been raging to get their hands on PS5 for now. The global semiconductor is not helping in that regard. Sony is apparently working behind the...
best Nintendo DS Games

20 Best Nintendo DS Games Of All Time That You Must Play

Nintendo looked to imitate the success of Game boy Advance with the new Nintendo DS. What they didn't was that it will set a...
Best PS1 Game

30 Best PS1 Games Of All Time That You Must Play In 2021

Did you know that Sony was working with Nintendo in developing Super Famicom before the project fell through? As a result, they started working on their...
iphone emulator for pc

10 Best iOS Emulator For PC (Windows And Mac) To Run iPhone Apps

Apple and its iOS ecosystem has some amazing apps that are not available for Android and other mobile operating systems. Many people who don't own...
snapchat for PC

How To Download Snapchat For PC?

Do not miss on those sizzling Snapchat streaks with your friends. Send those cute little dog filters or disappearing messages via your PC without...
LEGO Real NES emulator

Someone Turned LEGO NES Into A Real Functional NES Emulator

We all have been fans of the classic NES and its gigantic library of games that began in the early 80s. LEGO decided to...

Commodore 64 Emulator In VR Delivers A Full 80s Experience

Introduced in 1982, Commodore 64 was an iconic and mainstream 8-bit home computer. During its prime, CBM 64 became one of the highest-selling single computer...